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Voice Analyzes | Voice Bio

45 minutes @ $50.00

Your voice is a holographic picture of your health. Through the technology of Voice Bio©™, the independent frequencies within your voice can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voice print chart, giving a highly accurate indication of physical function in your body. Missing frequencies in your voice have been shown to correlate to weak organs in the body. You then get an email with MP3 of your note played with music.
This NOTE can help you choice what Gong or Bowl to buy for your healing.

Voice Bio with Sound Table @ $80.00

Same as above, but we will use your healing note on a sound table to immerse yourself into healing and wellness.

3 month assessment $35

3 months after your initial Voice Bio, you can come back and check on your progress…


Private GROUP Gong Meditation

1 hour 30 minutes @ $240.00

Call 480-363-7708 or write to

Gongster's sound meditation when and where you want! Birthday Parties, Weddings, Funerals, Special Events, or just chilling out with your friends and family. Bring up to 20 people at the Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary.
Contact: for events at your home or office. (travel and set up charge)


Your own private sound therapy

1 hour @ $75.00

Lisa uses many different types of sound equipment depending on what is needed for the session.: Tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, assortment of gongs, drums, crystal pyramid, and voice to apply sound directly on or over the body. Sound helps to heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is deeply relaxing and brings harmony to the body and mind. Each session begins with some dialogue and an evaluation of what you would like to focus on that day. You will then lay on a massage table, or floor to receive your treatment.



1 hour for $100

Questions about playing the gong (The Sound Healing Way)?

10 years experience with a Degree from Globe International Sound Healing in San Francisco 2010

We can talk or play what ever you want in an hour.

Sound Healing techniques

Introduction to Gongs

Health Benefits

Characteristics of different Gongs

Looking to buy a gong? Mallets, a sound instrument?

Techniques for Playing and what to expect and watch out for during a gong session.


Check out inventory

Come over to Sound Sanctuary and actually look at gongs I have for sale. Try them, experience them, and get a feel of what you are looking for!

Tone of Life:
Water Gongs, Dance Gongs, Earth Gongs, Cosmo Gongs, Fire Gongs

What ever is in Stock

All other Brands:
Mallets, Gong Bags, Gong Stand Bags, Stands, Sound Instruments, Ocean Drums, Chimes, and more.

*Appointment fee will be waved if your purchase an item at or above app. cost.