Founder LISA Lippincott (Gongster)

My theme has always been community. I wanted to build a place that offered this and more. I wanted a place that you could take off your shoes after a class and just ground down into the earth, connect to nature, connect within. We will be offering accommodations for medium size groups 20-25 people.  I wanted a place that if people share accommodations they would have a private bathroom in each bedroom. Making it a breeze to connect to one another. Best retreats I have ever been on I have had a roommate or two. I developed a respect and a deep tie with my roomies. It is amazing how we think we are so different from another, and find how alike we really are. These people are all still in my life today. If I would have had a private room, I would have missed out on so much life.

Inside or outside gatherings Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary (SSS) is a piece of paradise located in the heart of Scottsdale. AZ.

Easy Access for Workshops, Classes, Sound Concerts, Performances, or Lectures. Lush green lawn, for outdoor activities such as yoga, dance classes (mirrors), sound healing concerts, QiGong, weddings, and community gatherings.

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Shakti Fest 2017

Shakti Fest 2017

Owner Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary and Gongster LLC. Certification, & Associate Degree in Sound Healing. 2016 E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, Dealer: Gongs and Sound Healing instruments. Shamanic Practices: Graduated The Medicine Wheel, and Advanced Classes 2008, Meditation Practices with Durga Ma (4 years) 2003. Commercial, and Corporate Pilot. 1987-2010 Captain. Cessna Citation X. Hanglider pilot, B.S. Human Development; UC Davis 1995.

Ski instructor, wind surfing to Hangliding off the mountains in Tahoe. Moved to AZ where my Grandma gave me that talk about what I was going to do with my life. I wanted to fly! I thought I was too old, not smart, a woman, and was disqualified from this occupation. But then she told me that I could do anything I wanted if I wanted it bad enough. I never heard such a thing at 25, what a genius she was! Flying can be so spiritual. Looking down how small we really are in comparison to everything. My problems weren’t that big.

The end of my career I started to get fatigued, then foggy, I began to get migraines and then the vertigo hit. I was grounded. The conclusions were I had fibromyalgia and aero-toxins. Two years house bound, a voice said vibration. Vibration will heal you. Here I am a sound healer. Instead of flying in the air I am flying dimensions on the Ground.

Sound Healing is ancient. Our bodies crave real sound, to combat technologies, pharmacies and the toxins surrounding us . The vibrations and frequencies of the Gong saved my life. And I want to share it with anyone that is interested.

Started flying airplanes in 1988

Started flying airplanes in 1988